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2010 Streamy Awards Nominations

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Honoring excellence in original web television

The 2nd Annual Streamy Award nominations were announced yesterday by the International Academy of Web Television (of which I am a member and it’s current Secretary). ICM represented clients and projects garnered 25 nominations in 34 categories. I’m honored that I help represent such wonderfully talented people. A new industry is being formed and we’re watching it bloom. See you at the award ceremonies on April 11th.


Austin 09

I'll be there Friday to Monday.

I'll be there Friday to Monday.

I’ll be attending SXSW Interactive March 13th through the 16th. Lots of clients, friends, execs, CEO’s, buyers, entrepreneurs, geeks, dreamers, videogamers and internet cool kids will be there . I hear it’s going to be even busier this year than last year, but I hope to get a better start than 2008 when I got stuck with a “kids room” after I arrived late to my hotel. Still, I had a great time and met a lot of great people.

Hope you can make it. If you see me this weekend, say “hey”. I’ll be the tall guy with the camera.



I get a shout out.

I get a shout out.

I was mystified why I suddenly added 300 new Twitter followers this week until someone told me that my Twitter profile was mentioned by Alex Albrecht on Diggnation. I thought it  was due to my urbane and clever observations on life. Nope. Halo effect.


What I’m Looking For in Clients

Prolific online producer, Tim Street, interviewed me this week after speaking at the Hollywood Web TV Meetup to ask me about what I look for in clients. The simple answer is this: you have to be passionate about what you do and you have to be great at doing it. It helps if you’re also wildly popular 🙂

The video interview is here.



Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails, replies and direct messages from folks wanting to pitch me their TV show/web-series/blog/book/podcast/acting reel and even the occasional movie script.  Sorry, but, notwithstanding my job title, I’m not looking for unsolicited internet submitted ideas nor is it the way I find new clients. The recent volume of unsolicited material kept growing so I had to recently post this on Facebook, but it very much applies to all my social media outlets:

Hi New Facebook Friend! Please note that I don’t take pitches via FB or other social networks. I hope you understand that it’s nothing personal nor is it reflective of your ideas – just that I don’t have the bandwidth to read/view/listen/assess/respond to all the material that gets sent my way. Thanks for understanding.

The traditional way one gets an agent is by having someone that the agent knows and trusts submit material or a name for the agent’s consideration. Often, other colleagues at the agency are consulted before the agent decides to represent someone. That’s how it works.


Being Googled

WordPress provides data about how people find my blog and it turns out that many of you come here  from Google searching my name along with the name of one of my clients. How curious. It makes me think that you heard I represent someone cool but can’t really believe it until Google verifies it. Heh.

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