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Achievement Unlocked: Skydiving

Scotte Ellis, me, Chris Pirillo, Jay Batson, Dave Curlee and Lee Odden think we have the Right Stuff.

Had an amazing adventure with the US Army’s Golden Knights parachute team recently. I was attending Open Camp (a great technology and social media conference organized by Cali Lewis and Jon Pozadzides) and was invited to jump with The Golden Knights as “an incentive.” It was an an easy yes for me as I figured that when the world’s best at something asks you to join them, you should pretty much always agree.

I ended up doing a tandem jump in Dallas with the very capable SSG Jon Ewald on August 26, 2010. It was my first experience skydiving and the Golden Knights made the whole experience feel safe and exhilarating. Thanks to John Pozadzides, Cali Lewis, SFC Dave Herwig and Lt. Col. Joe Martin for making this all possible.

Check out the video below and look how my feet look for solid ground as I leave the plane. Involuntary hilarity. Many more photos from my jump are on Flickr.


Machine Man Motivation

FitBit & Nike+ SportsBand. Always watching. Always tweeting.

I am cyborg.

More than a few of you have noticed recents tweets from me along the lines of: ran 5.18 mi on 1/31/2010 at 4:43 PM with a pace of 7’40″/mi . Actually, the tweet didn’t come from me; it was automatically generated from after plugging in my Nike+ SportsBand to my PC. I authorized Nike’s site to connect to my Twitter account and so now every run gets measured by the SportsBand and the data (distance, time and pace) uploaded to Nike where a beautiful graph and running tweet get generated for your amusement. Why would I do this? Why would I want to share something as mundane/vain as my training log with everyone on Twitter?

It was a good run. For me anyway.


Knowing my run training is transparent and my stats out there for anyone to see is a great motivator during the inevitable times of a run that I want to ease off, catch my breath, relax a little. It’s not that every run I do is a full-on sprint, but I do have a goal in mind every time I put on my running shoes. Sometimes it’s to complete a certain distance, sometimes it’s speed and sometimes I just want to stretch my legs. In any case, the knowledge that you’ll get the results of every run keeps me very goal oriented. You’re watching and that’s motivating.

Along those lines, I’m also fascinated by that black and blue device in the photo – the FitBit. You attach it to yourself (I keep mine on my belt) and it uses a motion sensor to track your every step. During the course of a day it counts the number of steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve traveled by foot and the approximate amount of calories you’ve burned based on the level of your activity. It connects wirelessly to a base station attached to your computer and uploads the data to You customize the algorithm in the device by specifying your age, sex, height and weight on the site and the FitBit adjusts accordingly. From all the data, FitBit calculates your daily Activity Score and then compares it to everyone else using the device. I’m sorta competitive, so knowing that raising my activity level will raise my rank turns fitness into a game that I get to play with everyone else using a FitBit (Nike+ offers similar comparisons and motivating challenges on their site based on their gadget). After two weeks of use, I’m scoring right at the 50% level among all FitBit users. Grrr. How annoying! Must be better than the masses!

I'm a slug most of the day

FitBit data after a 5 mile run. Total slug before and after.

OK, that last sentence was perhaps a little too revealing, but really that’s the point in using these things. They motivate me by sharing my performance with you and frankly, by doing that, these gadgets make training fun.

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